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The iBuild Steel Frame Advantage

We fabricate our steel frames using the highest quality light gauged steel, the most advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and a streamlined state-of-the-art Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) process.   

Our steel products are of high quality enabling easy and fast installation saving you on-site erection time and costs. 

Multi Award Winning

Our success and achievements have been recognised and celebrated by both government and industry. Our accolades include Australian Export Awards 2021Governor of Victoria Export Awards 2021 and the Hume Business Awards 2021 (Manufacturing).   

Expert Service

With in-depth expertise, skills and experience our team  will be with you every step of the way from estimates to design and delivery.  Our competent team will continue to provide you with technical support during onsite erection after your steel is fabricated and delivered.


Our streamlined and efficient digital manufacturing process allows us to deliver high quality light-gauged steel frames and trusses to your site faster. Furthermore, prefabricated steel frames and roof trusses are faster, easier and more cost-effective to assemble.

Why Choose Steel? 

Steel frames and trusses are light, strong and straight. Steel is termite and borer-proof. Unlike timber, steel will never rot, twist or warp.  

Termite Proof

Light yet Strong 

No Twist or Warp


Efficient and Fast to Install


Getting a frame that works for you and your team rather than the other way around is vital to keeping your project running. Steel provides a smarter, safer and lighter option than traditional timber, and steel will never be eaten by termites, twist or warp, or catch fire. Steel frames are efficient to work with and fast to install. Thinking about getting a frame? Get a frame that works for you, a steel frame.


Are you looking for a home that will protect you and your family from termites and fires? Then look no further than a steel frame home. If you build your home with a steel frame, not only will you be protecting your family from nasty bugs and fires, you will have a stronger and straighter frame that won't warp or twist like wood frames giving you a frame that will last for decades saving you time and money.


Success on Home Soil and Beyond

iBuild Steel Frame is proud to announce that as part of a German foreign aid project we fabricated and delivered 11 steel house frames to West Africa.

The goal of the project was to provide strong and sustainable housing to the local West African community.

iBuild Steel Frame's ingenuity and competency were displayed throughout the project, showcasing that iBuild Steel Frame can deliver projects no matter the circumstance or distance.